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Updated: Mar 12

How To Build Great Work Ethic and Get Things Done

StartupNation, we often hear that success is the result of hard work and facing adversity. However, not everyone has the right attitude or work ethic that is required to make that happen. And when you are a new entrepreneur, it's something you have to learn, get used to, or develop more. It's common to daydream, avoid work, or procrastinate. Since we have been enduring a pandemic on top of that, many other distractions come to mind. A strong work ethic is useful and admired, ultimately building the type of business or life you want to develop. Many of the most successful people in the world are known for having an unrelenting work ethic.

So StartupNation, here are some things to try to lead to a more productive and successful workday.

1. Now, StartupNation, this one has a bit of a plot twist, so bear with me. Avoid time-wasters. Television, Social Media, text messaging, email, and the internet are good ways to waste time. Having a strong work ethic requires focusing on work. Look, I get it. I have friends on social media, dropping funny memes and videos that bring me instant joy. And I love my Disney+ and Netflix as I have several shows that are waiting on me to watch the season finales. But look at it this way, for the most part, all of that stuff you are distracted by are going nowhere anytime soon. However, your window for that business deal or the perfect date to release that book may be closing faster than when you tried to sneak back into the house as a teenager.

**Plot Twist**

However, you can use those same mediums to get work done if you are creative. For example, I watched Oprah's interview with Meaghan & Harry to get all the royal tea and learn from one of the master interviewers of our time, Oprah Winfrey. Also, I have lost count of how many times I have gotten paid speaking engagements from commenting on something on social media or through emails, dm's text messages, and more. Looking while those things can be distractions, you can also turn them on their head and be productive with them if you are creative. The point is being intentional and not wasting time. If you're wasting time, you are not working...and if you are not working, you are not making money.

2. Build up your work ethic muscles. StartupNation, let me ask you something. Would you go to your first day at the gym and try to lift just as much weight as an olympian trying to medal? Of course not. It works the same way if you are not accustomed to working on many tasks, especially as a new entrepreneur learning how to work independently. Get you a few reps in and build that muscle memory. Maybe the first week you work 30 minutes a day. Next week 45. A week after that, 60. I think you get the point. It's not practical to jump from having a little work ethic to having a lot. Pace yourself and get better every day.

3. Hop To It. Most of us like to put off the work we dread the most. Full Transparency StartupNation, for me, it's editing. I love creating content and engaging with all of you on this platform, but editing life is nothing to play with. But what I have found is that once you start doing it, then you are fine. It works the same with whatever it is you are working on. It's possible to develop a habit of attacking these tasks immediately. One success guru claims the worst practice a person can have is putting off something until time pressure requires it to be done. It's a stressful and ineffective way to handle your business. It's always best to do things ahead of time. At the very least, you have more time to fix any mistakes.

4. Make a schedule. StartupNation, I can not stress this one enough. An effective way to work all day while avoiding burnout is to stick to a plan. If you are aimlessly trying to get work done, you will be aimlessly useful in your endeavor, whatever it may be. It might take some time to find the perfect schedule that matches you and your work. But the best place to start is 25 minutes on and 5 minutes off. After repeating four of these 30-minute cycles, take a 20-30 minute break. Most of us can maintain a high concentration level for 25 minutes and repeat it if we have a short break. Don't discount the rest. Burnout is a real thing. Taking a quick break 5-minute water break and make a big difference. Oh yeah, drink water. You have to stay hydrated.

5. Be A Closer. Are you great out of the gate but finish poorly? Finishing is a habit, just like stopping when you're 90% of the way to the prize. Finish everything you start. Are you washing the dishes? Do them all in a single session. Are you cleaning the garage? Complete the entire task. Learn to hang in there until the job is 100% done. Don't be the person that gets to the end, sees the finish line, and goes, "you know what, I'm good." It just means all that time you spent doing 90% of the work was all for naught.

6. Check your emotions. This might be the essential key to success. Think about it. If you could genuinely check your feelings, you'd never cheat on another diet. You'd always make it to the gym, and you'd never get upset, sad, jealous, or irritable again. You could make yourself do anything at any time. A good start to controlling your emotions is to recognize when they're getting away from you. The time to deal with stress or distractions is right when they start. Feelings can quickly reach a level that is much more challenging to manage. Catch yourself early.

StartupNation, developing the right mindset for a good work ethic can be difficult, but if you are trying to accomplish something great, well, it's a requirement. With a stronger work ethic, you'll get more done in less time. Your goals will be achieved much more quickly. The world is competitive. Do you want to attempt to compete with a weak, flabby work ethic? Start strengthening yours today!

Did you find these tips helpful? Have some that have been successful for you that we didn't name? Reach out to us and let us know.

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