What is entrepreneurship you ask?

What is entrepreneurship you ask? Gather round the campfire kids and I’ll tell you.

Entrepreneurship is hiring an educational researcher to collect data to pitch an idea to the US Department of Education in hopes that the fund said idea.

You may not know this but Ed researchers are not cheap.

Then out of nowhere along comes, I don’t know, a global pandemic of biblical proportions that basically shuts down everything. At this point, you are pretty sure that the idea you pitched will not even be seen due to that pandemic.

Also each year from March through early June is your busy season. This is where schools bring you in to prepare their students for the end of year testing. But there’s that pesky pandemic again rearing its ugly head and it closes the schools. And with schools closed that means 75% of your yearly revenue goes with it. Yeah that’s fun.

But guess what, you still have to pay that researcher. Sure they plead with you to don’t worry about paying them and give you an out but you know it’s the right thing to do. That’s because you understand that being a “boss” is more than a title...it’s a responsibility!

But that’s the life. Does it suck? Of course it does.

However that’s part of it. Sometimes when you step in the arena you will get slaughtered...but you still have to play the game and play it as James Earl Jones says in the The Sandlot “100% all the time.”

That young campers is entrepreneurship. And if anyone shares with you only the sunshine and rainbows...well I wouldn’t trust it.

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